Don't panic! A blog about Drupal.

Don't panic! A blog about Drupal.

Don't panic! 

Now, why should I name this blog "Don't panic!"? Well, for several reasons I would say. Firstly, why not? Secondly, as a appreciative nod towards Douglas Adams and his wonderful book "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" that had Don't panic! written on the cover of the guide book (which var a compact computer, the iPad of the time I would say). Finally, Don't panic! might soothe some of the feelings Drupal might conjure.

Drupal, this computational pile of ones and zeros that builds a system of which you can build almost anything with the web and open source as a common denominator. Thirteen years of age and therefore a competent system that impresses on many levels, but it also frightens and creates confusion. Frightens, you say? Yes, in the same way you face your yearly christmas shopping with loads of people everywhere and the conundrum of what to buy, Drupal has severeal ways of solving a problem. Which is the best way to go? What is best practice? When do I know enough to call myself a Drupal Developer? And now it's time to say Don't panic!. Start small. Test it out. Look up the code - or don't! You can come a long way in creating a website - for yourself or for a client - with just downloading modules and extend Drupal's functionality. You can use a theme and therefore skip the designpart all together. And if you want to build a design of your own, the are loads of resources that'll help you on the way.

Remember: Don't panic.

Through this blog I have taken the opportunity to share some of my Drupal knowledge, and Drupal news. I've done so in the past, and this site is a way to collect all of this in one place. The newer articles will focus on Drupal since I work with Drupal daily and do Drupal community work as well. I've arranged two (soon to be three) DrupalCamps here in Gothenburg for instance.

I hope you will find something here that'll help you in the long run. 

Yours truly,