Screencasting again!

Screencasting again!

Ever since I started using Drupal I've wanted to share the knowledge I have gathered around Drupal. I did some screncasts a couple of years ago, in Swedish, and they were appreciated. Then, time disappeared, other projects ate my time. Since I teach the basics of Drupal at schools and more specialized educations for companies, I've never given up on the dream of continuing the screencasts in some way.

Earlier this year the company I work for, Kodamera, gave me green light to make screencasts about Drupal. My dream has come true! A website was put together to promote the episodes and so far I have made five screencasts on Drupal. My greatest challenge will be to do these screencasts in English, since it's only my second language. Though, growing up with Monty Python get straight A's in school when it came to learing English should help a litte.

Since a stable version of Drupal 8 has been released now, I'm planning a whole series of screencasts to cover the basics of Drupal, how to get to know the system. These are not meant for us who already know Drupal, instead they are meant to give newcomers and people who are curious of Drupal a good start. The first screencast - how to install MAMP and Drupal - was released earlier this week.

I also wrote a loooong blogpost on how to install MAMP:

Hopefully I will do a good job recording these screencasts, and I will do my best to include some good jokes and something from Monty Python now and then. ("Nobody expects the Spanish inquistion!")

If you want to know when I do a new screencast, subscribe to the playlists on YouTube, check the official Twitter account or follow me on Twitter, I'll retweet the tweets.

See you around!

// Adam