The exhibition "Art of the brick"

The exhibition "Art of the brick"

There just are art exhibitions just don't want to miss. During my stay at DrupalCon Amsterdam I was made aware that the exhibition Art of the brick was in town. This is an exhibition that tours the world, and since it wouldn't come to Sweden in the foreseeable future, I just had to visit it. The special thing about it is that the artist only used LEGO bricks.

There are a handful of people who can call themselves LEGO Certified Professionals. They are hobbyist that have such passion for LEGO in different ways that LEGO Group has acknowledged them as trusted business partners. 

Each LEGO Certified Professional is selected for the program based on his or her:

  • Building proficiency
  • Enthusiasm for the LEGO brick and building system
  • Professional approach towards other LEGO fans and the broader public 

The artist behind Art of the brick is Nathan Sawaya and he's the only person in the world  in the world who has been both a LEGO Master Model Builder and a LEGO Certified Professional (LCP). Since 2002 he has built numerous sculptures in his workshops in New York and Los Angeles. Best known for his exacting and impeccable representation of the human form and his high-profile client list, Nathan was a practicing attorney in Manhattan before leaving the law to follow his artistic passion. (Source: LEGO, About us.)

If you ever get the chance to visit Art of the brick, take it, it's a wonderful experience.