Don't Panic

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For long, I've been using Droptor to get an overview of all my Drupal sites and it's a powerful service that not only gives you an overview but also statistics of your content and several checklists (security, performance, SEO and health) to see how your website is doing. It's great and much needed, but there isn't happening a lot at Droptor. I've submitted several suggestions on how to improve their service and they have applauded them, saying that these suggestions will come in newer versions of Droptor but then ... nothing. If you, on top of the lack of evolution of the service, add a couple of lengthy outages, and a complete silence on twitter, their… more

So you're a regular at, and feel right at home in, Drupal Answers is practically your own living room and Google's results on "drupal" is your best friend. Well, have you tried these resources of Drupal knowledge...? DropBucket Ever had a great line of code you save and re-use over and over again? Well, you're not alone. Not at all. And with DropBucket you can share this with the rest of the Drupal Community, and get some karma along the way. At DropBucket you can find snippets to use with Drush, making modules, theming, you name it. The service is created by Tim Kamanin (TimOnWeb Drupal developer). Visit… more

Don't panic!  Now, why should I name this blog "Don't panic!"? Well, for several reasons I would say. Firstly, why not? Secondly, as a appreciative nod towards Douglas Adams and his wonderful book "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" that had Don't panic! written on the cover of the guide book (which var a compact computer, the iPad of the time I would say). Finally, Don't panic! might soothe some of the feelings Drupal might conjure. Drupal, this computational pile of ones and zeros that builds a system of which you can build almost anything with the web and open source as a common denominator. Thirteen years of age and therefore a competent system that… more

The Drupal Association contacted me when I was working on DrupalCamp Gothenburg 2013 and asked me to write a blog entry about the camp. This is the result, posted at The Drupal Association website in June of 2013. After visiting a DrupalCamp in 2011, I set off with a mission - to arrange a DrupalCamp in my hometown of Gothenburg. This became a reality only 5 months later and with the experience from that said camp of 2012 we set off to make the next one even better. And at the time when drupalers from all over the world started their journey back home from DrupalCon Portland, or stayed for the sprint weekend, a similar, but much much smaller event took… more